Monday, January 3, 2011

Page #1: 01/02/11

I'm back! I figure the new year was a good excuse to start drawing again. I really do love this sketchbook project, and I always feel guilty when I put it aside. I want to improve. I want to be a better drawer. I don't want my Microns to collect dust. So what the heck. Let's give it a go. Maybe I'll get to those 160 pages after all!

This drawing reminds me of my "carbs" drawing (#52), but better. :) I also switched back to the brown paper journal.

Happy New Year, everybody!



Anonymous said...

i cant believe how amazing these all are... if i had your talent i would draw stuff all the time for no reason... partly to show off even :) keep it up!

Little Lost Soul said...

Just found your blog through Stumble Upon. I love your illustrations! Tricky to keep such a long project going but stick at it, it's fab! I'll be back to check on your progress :)

Miss B. said...

Yea sweet Melissa! Happy New Year! I am so excited you are doing this again, I am so enthralled by your creativity/talent and love your wit!


Miss B.

LLSmith said...

Can I just say, I love what you are doing and I am attempting the same round-about idea...

I'm still working out the kinks/layout/concept but I think it's coming along nicely.

I would love some feedback if you get the time :)

- LL

Cat said...

welcome back Melissa!

Melissa said...

Thanks guys!! I really hope I can stick with it this year!!!

Kate said...

love this drawing!!!