Monday, July 6, 2009

Page #8

Obviously I need a calendar because I wrote the wrong date at the top of my journal entry for today. WHOOPSIE!!!

To be honest, the burger wasn't that great today. I think the bread was stale.

Melissa Needs a Calendar!


L said...

okay, seriously. melissa, you're awesome. your journal entries are so lovely and fresh and personal, i just want to gobble them up!

*gobble, gobble, gobble*

i will be visiting this blog

with love from pittsburgh...

Anonymous said...

These journal pages are great and make me want to create beautiful pages. You are such an inspiration, lady!

Kevin said...

Woohoo! A blog I don't have to come up with a new username and password for!

Oh, and do you really lunch from a cart every day?

I've often wondered what the life of those individuals who operate them is like.

My hope is that they have giant houses to compensate for being stuck in a dinky cart every day.

Melissa said...

Nah, I actually only eat there once a week or once every other week. Although their breakfasts are very tempting. I walk down the street and it smells like bacon!